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Platformization, Artificial Intelligence and Data Sovereignty: Technology in Brazil 2020-2030

Ação Educativa

The General Research Coordinator of NetLab UFRJ, Débora Salles, is present in the book “Platformization, Artificial Intelligence and Data Sovereignty: Technology in Brazil 2020-2030”. This work, published by Ação Educativa in 2023, presents an in-depth analysis of the technological scenario in Brazil and its projections for the next decade.

This is a publication that is part of the project “Innovation, development and resilience in public policies in São Paulo: a map for the challenges between 2020 and 2030”, an initiative of the parliamentary amendment developed by Coletivo 660, represented by Ação Educativa, in agreement with the Secretariat of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the State of São Paulo.

With this project, Coletivo 660 sought to explore the context that the state of São Paulo will face in the coming decades and how it will organize it based on a systematic vision that can assist in the production of public policies, taking into account the objectives of sustainable development. These texts are the result of discussion tables developed based on this project, in which we discussed various topics related to technology in Brazil in the next decade.

“This book deals with one of the most critical processes humanity goes through. We are experiencing a mutation in society that has been unrivaled since the Industrial Revolution. The computer, developed during the Second World War to break military codes, became, with the invention of the integrated circuit (the chip), the defining apparatus of power relations in the world – from the Cold War to the space race, from weather forecasts to financial speculation. . The opening of the internet in 1994 allowed this machine for storing and processing information encoded in binary language to become an efficient means of communication. But it was the spread of smartphones, small computers and internet terminals transformed into cell phones, which allowed, already in this century, digital technologies to gain capillarity and reach the daily lives of billions of people. They revolutionize the economy, social relations and politics around the world.” – José Correa Leite


Como citar: SALLES, Débora. Platformization, Artificial Intelligence and Data Sovereignty: Technology in Brazil 2020-2030. Collective Action, 2023.

Download PDF • 6.32MB


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