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The Algorithm of Taste: Online Recommendation Systems and their Impacts on the Cultural Market (v.1)

Editora Appris

The first volume of the work The algorithm of taste, entitled "Online recommendation systems and their impacts on the cultural market", analyzes the emergence of online recommendation systems, tracing their genealogy, their first technological and commercial applications, and their preliminary results. The book revisits theoretical speculations about the consequences of the internet for the field of cultural since the 1990s to historically contextualize the technological and commercial development of recommendation algorithms.


How to cite: Santini, R. M. (2011). A Arte do avesso: a função da denegação econômica no mercado Artístico e as novas formas de recomendação e mediação cultural na internet. Revista Eletrônica Internacional de Economia Política da Informação, da Comunicação e da Cultura, 13(2).


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