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The Algorithm of Taste: Technologies of Control, Contagion and Self-Curating (v.2)

Editora Appris

The second volume of the work "The algorithm of taste", entitled "Technologies of control, contagion and self-curating" outlines a diagnosis of the transformation of social logics that determine cultural consumption and the taste formation in the digital age. By observing the social uses of music on the platform, the study points out trends in the dynamics of content consumption guided by recommendation algorithms in contemporary social networks.

The author references two sociologists usually considered as being from opposing currents to discuss the social consequences of such systems. The authors are Gabriel Tarde and Pierre Bourdieu, who in this work are considered complementary and linked to the same way of thinking about "the social": through networks of relationship and contact. Starting from the discussion on the social classification produced by algorithms at the service of the market, the book discusses the strategies of contagion and social control behind recommendation technologies, and, on the other hand, the "algorithmic curation of the self" as a new social strategy of distinction.


How to cite: Santini, R. M. (2020). O Algoritmo do Gosto: Tecnologias de Controle, Contágio e Curadoria de SI; Volume 2. Editora Appris.


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