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The Disinformation Industry: Lie Factory, Ad-Techs, and New Forms of Resistance


The internet turned 30 in 2019 and, since its invention, life in society has changed in many ways. The Web has brought people together, expanded access to knowledge on an unprecedented scale, and reduced communication barriers between billions of people around the world. These characteristics have led us to think of the internet as a space of freedom and as a revolutionary technology.

However, “being online” does not only mean taking advantage of technology's potential to shorten time, space and access to information, but also means facing its harmful effects, - as is the case of so-called “fakes news”. Today, disinformation campaigns challenge every political and social institution in the world, and no country is immune. Disinformation has been used as a strategy, not only in elections, but as a governance tool, in “influence operations” and as a mass propaganda strategy.

Part of the book "One world and many voices: from utopia to dystopia?" which brings together the texts of the discussions that took place at the 43rd Cycle of Interdisciplinary Studies in Communication, an event that is part of the 43rd Brazilian Congress of Communication Sciences. The Cycle of Studies, consolidated with one of the most important moments of our congresses, began with a conference by Professor Muniz Sodré, entitled “One world and many voices: from utopia to dystopia?” and four panels were held: “40 years of the MacBride Report: advances and challenges in the field of communication”, “Voices in crisis: speeches, narratives and sustainability”, “One Brazil, many voices: popular communication, social movements and the guarantee of participation”, “The world today: data capitalism and impacts on the plurality of voices”. The texts are presented according to the conformation of the tables of the Congress.


How to cite: Santini, R. Marie. A indústria da desinformação: fabrica de mentiras, ad-techs e as novas formas de resistencia. In: Nair Prata; Sônia Caldas Pessoa; Ivanise Hilbig de Andrade. (Org.). Um mundo e muitas vozes: da utopia à distopia?. 1ed.Sao Paulo: Intercom, 2021, v. 1, p. 122-138.


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