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Toxic speech by the Parliamentary Agricultural Front in Meta ads

The emergence of the environmental agenda and the climate crisis around the world has made monitoring discourses and narrative strategies on the topic one of the priorities of Communication studies. In this context, with the systematic monitoring carried out by NetLab UFRJ, it was possible to identify some harmful practices related to the digital communication of the Brazilian ruralist parliamentary group.

To deepen this understanding, this study analyzes the performance of the Agricultural Parliamentary Front (FPA), focusing on sponsored posts in the Meta ecosystem, which includes Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

In addition to identifying the frequency of narratives based on disinformation and/or greenwashing practices, the study also analyzes microsegmentation data applied to advertisements – which points to FPA's communication strategies related to the target audience (or interest groups on social networks) and to the investment paid to Meta for the placement of the advertisements.

With these data, it is possible to evaluate how the FPA's activities on the networks align with its economic interests, especially with regard to environmental regulation, and influence public opinion regarding legislative projects in progress.

Discurso Tóxico Da Frente Parlamentar Da Agropecuária Nos Anúncios Da Meta - NetLab UFRJ
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